How to register to get the "Swipe Up" feature if you have over 10K followers.

Have a picture of your drivers license or ID Card in your phone handy.  If you don't have one take a picture before starting.  You will need it at a later step.


1. Go to your profile and select the three horizontal line icon on the top right hand corner.
2.  Select "Settings" at the bottom of the screen
3.  Select "Account"
4.  Select "Request Verification"

5. Complete the required fields.

  • Full Name
  • Known As
  • Select the best category that applies to you

Select Choose file and upload a copy of your Drivers License or Identification Card.

Note: This takes a few hours for approval.  No more than 24 hrs.  

To check if you have been approved simply post a story and you should have the Web Link option when you go to link something to your story post.  For a tutorial on this click here: