Post a Story with the "Swipe Up" Feature


1. Go to your profile and select the "+" icon on the top right hand corner.
2.  Select Story and select the image you want to use
3.  Select the link icon (Looks like a paper clip)
4.  Select the "Web Link" option.  If you do not have the "Web Link" option your profile is not approved for the "Swipe Up" Feature.  You will have to apply for this feature.  Click here for a tutorial:
5. Enter your Affilite URL to direct your traffice to the calendar.  Then select the check mark on the top right hand corner.
6. If the"Call to Action Added" pops up you have linked your URL properly to your story.
7.  Add a Giphy to tell your followers to swipe up.  Click on the little Smiley in a square shape on the top.
8.  Search "Swipe up to shop" and select the Giphy that you want to use.
9.  Post to your Story timeline and Viola.  All done!